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About Us

Global Supply Chain Service

Supply Chain Service
Anton oil group advocates the concept of “empowered by all manners and develop towards platformization”, integrated the supply chain with ecological chain and value chain, formed a distinctive department which can support the global development strategy of Anton Oil. We possess the strong ability of sourcing materials, procurement, logistic, warehousing and suppliers management with services scope covering 20 or above countries and districts, including China, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America.

Global suppliers management
Anton adheres the concept of long term cooperation andmutual benefit, pursuing supplier business relationship based on cooperation, trust, reliability, and communication in an increasing competitive environment. Anton develops business with 1690 excellent suppliers, among which the overseas suppliers account for 31%.


Support of storage and global logistics
Anton owns nearly 30 well-equipped warehouses domestic and overseas. Our standard management and efficient operation allow us to provide a reliable support for the project in world wide.
Anton’s supply Chain Center integrates manufacture, procurement, warehousing and transportation services to provide our global projects with one-stop logistics services from ocean/land/air services, completing customs clearance efficiently. We also devoted ourselves to improve the efficiency of supply chain as well as cutting the logistics cost.
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Anton’s cooperation idea is mutual benefit and develop by joint venture. We believe that we can achieve the goal of integrating supply chain, ecological chain and value chain through the long-term and further cooperation.

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