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Corporate Governance


Executive Directors

Mr. LUO Lin(Chairman)
Mr. PI Zhifeng
Mr. FAN Yonghong

Non-executive Directors
Mr.John William Chisholm

Independent Non-executive Directors
Mr. ZHANG Yongyi
Mr. ZHU Xiaoping
Mr. WANG Mingcai

       Board Committees

The Board has established the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee (all chaired
  by Independent Non-executive Director) with defined terms of reference since the listing of the Company, which are on no
  less exacting terms than those set out in the Corporate Governance Code.
  In addition, the Board has also established QHSE (“Quality, Health, Safety, Environment”) Committee (chaired by Non-
  executive Director) on 21 January 2013.



       2013    "Asia's Most Promising Company on Corporate Governance" conferred by Corporate Governance Asia
                   "A Most Promising Company in China" conferred by The Asset
                   "Golden Bauhinia Awards 2013"-" Best Listed Company"
       2012    "The Asset Corporate Award 2012" Gold Award (Excellence in Management and Corporate Governance)
       2011    "Directors of the Year" Award for 2011 in two categories - listed Companies (SEHK- Non Hang Seng Index 
                    Constituents) Boards and Directors - conferred by Hong Kong Institute of Directors.
Ensure a high-level of reliable, effective and timely communications with shareholders.
       For more information, please refer to our
shareholders communication policy.

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