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  • 1999: Anton was established in Tarim Basin, China
  • 2002: Anton moved its headquarters to Beijing and began to develop its business across the China, forming a nationwide business layout.
  • 2005: By introducing international investors, Anton transformed from a private company to a joint-stock company, and became a leading oilfield technology service company in China
  • 2007: Anton Oilfield Services Group was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed Chinese private oilfield technology service company in Hong Kong.
  • 2011: Anton began to develop its international business on a large scale and established a global service network, thus becoming an internationally competitive oilfield technology service company.
  • 2017: Anton’s international business exceeded 70% of its total business, which indicated that Anton became a global oilfield technology service company
  • 2018: Based on the advantages in technologies, talents and management, Anton won the Integrated Management Project of Majnoon, a large oil field in Iraq, with which Anton became a world-leading integrated oilfield technology company.

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