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Who We Are

What We Do?

Anton Oilfield Services Group (hereinafter as “Anton”) is the world's leading integrated oilfield technology service company that provides clients with a full range of products and services for oil and gas development, with business throughout the world's major oil and gas production areas. Anton is an innovative company combined with the geological engineering and features production increase, cost reduction and integration.

Anton is committed to the in-depth development of global oil and gas development in emerging markets. Its business covers more than 30 countries and regions, including China, the Middle East, Africa, central Asia, southeast Asia and Latin America, forming a rapidly responsive global service support system.

Anton provides a full range of products and services in the oil and gas development process to meet the diverse needs of clients and help them maximize the value of oil and gas assets. Anton's comprehensive products and services include: products and services for the whole process of oil and gas development, a full range of professional resource services for oil and gas development, and integrated services in various forms.

The core driving force of Anton is the Oriental Traditional Culture, featuring hard work, creativity, innovation and creation. Anton takes helping others as its mission, sharing with employees internally and cooperating with business partners externally.

Anton's vision is to be a model for the harmony between man and environment and high-efficiency development. In every construction work scene, Anton is committed to achieving the standard of "operation first" and creating value for clients to the maximum extent. In the process of development, Anton does the best to promote social progress and achieve harmonious development with the society.

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