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Who We Are

China Best HRM Hundred Enterprises

Anton won "China Best HRM Hundred Enterprises" in the consecutive years of 2012 and 2013

 Which Is Selected by Worry-Free Website http://my.51job.com/careerpost/2010/mkt_awards10/bangdan2013.php#


"China's Best HRM Companies" is the selection in China's largest human resource management field. Selection considers the company’s development plan, quantity and quality of recruitment, capability to attract and retain talent, employee remuneration and promotion proportion, these ten content in the next 3-5 years in China, while making election comparison on the same industry enterprises, and finally select the 100 representatives of human resource management market benchmark companies from different industries, different areas, and different stages.  
Anton won the award for two consecutive years, and this honor validates that our excellent human resources management has received public recognition. This will motivate us to continue to work to maintain high standards of corporate governance and quality management.





Anton Got 2013 "Best Management Program of 90s Staff" Award



Selected companies are hiring thousands of graduates and interns within three years, innovatively carrying out the recruitment, training and motivation to young people. By helping young people achieve self-management, skills improvement and engagement, younger employees can achieve results while allowing employers to be business success model. Anton achieves continuing success since 2007 in ??large-scale campus recruitment and training experience and has become a distinctive brand Anton. Anton has always been adhering to the "people first" strategy, investment in talent will be on the top of business growth, and campus recruitment as an important channel for companies to attract and nurture talent is playing an increasingly important role. Antonoil has established a complete system of international personnel training to help graduates to grow rapidly. Internal company has emerged in recent years a large number of outstanding employees, and has made the basic realization of independent grassroots talent training, and there are more and more internal talented people entering to the middle and high level positions.    \


Anton Won "the 2013 Happiest Enterprise of Annual Oil Industry
Best Employers”


In 2013 Best Employers selected activities held by OILHR website, Anton won "the 2013 Happiest Enterprise of Annual Oil Industry Best Employers”. "The Happiest Enterprise" is aimed to award success stories of the company in recruitment, personnel training, and other aspects of employer branding. The honor again verified Anton excellent human resources management has reached the industry forefront, which played a leading and benchmarking role in corporate culture and employee growth and care and other aspects.     \     

the 2013 Annual Oil Industry Best Employers Election

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