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Anton Testing Group Obtained the Approval Certificate from the Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Organization

On June 28, Anton Testing Group obtained the approval certificate from the special equipment inspection and testing organization (NDT organization) and was allowed to carry out the CG-routine inspection and MFL-magnetic flux leakage inspection. Taking this opportunity, the Testing Group will enter the special equipment testing market in an all-round way, covering such the fields as the pots, the pressure vessels, the pressure pipes, the wind, the electricity, the iron, the bridges, the steel structures, etc.

As early as 2015, CEO Li Pandeng of the Testing Group proposed the strategic deployment and conception of the special equipment testing and its great significance to the Testing Group in future.

At the beginning of 2018, the Petroleum Drilling and Production Branch began to prepare for the evidence collection, including the equipment production, the warehouse standards, archives, darkroom and modification of film evaluation room. Under the circumstances of the shortage of funds and personnel, the General Manager Pang and the Chief Engineer Wang Changxu led the team to successfully complete the preliminary evidence collection.

On November 13, 2018, the application for the review was successfully submitted. On November 20, the licensing office of the State Administration for Market Regulation successfully accepted the application. On December 18 and 19 of the same year, the Chief Engineer Wang Changxu and the Technical Managers Wang Wensheng/Wang Bo led the technical team of the Petroleum Drilling and Production Branch to complete the field capability verification of the conventional four tests in Tianjin. On January 23-24, 2019, the technical team of the Pipeline Technical Service Branch successfully passed the field capability verification of magnetic flux leakage testing in Chengdu.

On December 30, 2018, the General Manager Pang Quan issued an important request. Before the review, the team canceled the weekend break and made full preparations. After three months of overtime work, under the leadership of the Chief Engineer Wang Changxu, the participating team prepared a complete set of the system documents.

On March 23-24, 2019, a formal on-site review was conducted. During the review, all staff attached a great importance to it and the division of labor was clear until the end of the review. After a one-month rectification, the rectification materials were submitted. On May 10, the manager Wang personally went to the Promotion Committee to coordinate. On June 3, the Promotion Committee submitted the final information to the Licensing Office and issued the certificate on June 12.
The certificate took one and a half years to obtain and was jointly undertaken by the Petroleum Drilling and Production Branch and the Pipeline Technical Service Branch. No Third-Party consulting company was employed in the whole process.


Inspection and Testing Institution Approval Certificate of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
(NDT Organization)
No.: TS7310634-2023
Name of Agency: Xinjiang Tong’Ao Oilfield Services Co., Ltd.
Organization Address: Hongqiao Oil Service Zone, Luntai County, Bayingolin and Mengzi Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
After examination, it was approved to Inspect the special equipment of the following items:
1. CG- routine inspection;
2. MFL- Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing.
Examined and Approved by: State Administration for Market Regulation Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation
Valid Until: 2023/6/11 Issue Date: 2019/6/12
Supervised by the State Administration for Market Regulation

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