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Anton Presents at ADIPEC 2019

On November 11,ADIPEC 2019 opens in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This year is the tenth year of Anton's appearance in ADIPEC.As a leading global integrated oilfield technology services company, Anton will fully display four major products and technologies series with geology and engineering technology as the core competitive advantage to global clients during the exhibition. Taking the exhibition as an opportunity, Anton and the international oil companies, government agencies, core customer executives and partners fully exchange, explore the international market, learn the world's advanced technology and experience, and build the global brand of Anton.

In order to comprehensively promote the globalization process of Anton, the chairman of Anton,Luo Lin personally led the team to participate in the exhibition. More than 60 people from the headquarters, regional companies, services modules and joint venture company to provide support, the most in history.




First held in 1984, ADIPEC has grown into the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the Middle East and the third largest oil exhibition in the world.

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